Taxa is designed with a layered architecture philosophy, and built with cutting edge technologies.


Taxa’s layered design

Why building with Taxa?

Easy to integrate

Compatible and easy to integrate with your existing tech stack.

Rich support

Rich library, toolkit,  and documentation support.

Native performance

Resizable CPU-based compute capacity on demand.

Example uses

Collaborative Computation

Empower analytics/AI based on various sources of data in a sealed environment with no data leakage.

Supply Chain

Allow a traceable and attesable log of your supply chain activities for your internal and external clients.

Identity Authentication

Authorize sensitive identity data and credentials to only the trusted parties’s attestable uses.

Asymmetric Info Game

Now you can build the dapps of the most popular asymmetric info games like Pokers, e-sports.

Secure Transaction

Manage and exchange your digital assets, without having to trust or rely on a third party.

Digital Rights Management

Separate the ownership and right of uses of your digital properties such as sensitive data.

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